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Facilities Improvement

Facilities Improvement

(BALTIMORE-ONLY) The Under Armour Facilities Improvement Program provides Baltimore City Schools with grants to improve the quality, safety, and accessibility of sports and recreation facilities with a particular focus on improving the student-athlete experience. The Program provides grants of up to $25,000 for capital improvement projects to school academic, wellness, sports and recreation facilities. The application period for this grant is now closed.

UA Freedom

UA Freedom Grant

Designed to make all athletes better, Under Armour’s UA Freedom initiative started in 2010 with a singular mission to support and inspire the brave men and women dedicated to serving and protecting our country, every day. In 2018, UA has provided over $2 million in resources to military, first responders and their families within four core areas: education, activity, mentorship and service.

Community Catalyst

Community Catalyst Grant

Great performance takes a great team. Through our community catalyst grant program, UA provides resources to programs supporting the positive development of youth. The application period for this grant is now closed.